30th Annual National Institute on White Collar Crime

du 2 au 4 mars 2016

Marriot Marquis




criminalite a col blanc

L’Institut National de la Criminalité en col blanc fête son 30ème anniversaire, et à l’occasion présente un nouveau programme :


• A judge’s perspective on growth and change in white collar practice

• The past is prologue—the future of white collar criminal law

• Ethics—the pitfalls encountered by prosecutors and defense counsel in the investigation and trial of white collar cases

• Implicit bias in the courtroom • Women in the courtroom—the view from the jury box

• Defending high risk cases

• The decision to go to trial

• Managing discovery in the digital age

• Global investigations in 2016 • Obtaining foreign evidence and defending against extradition

• Running an effective compliance program

• The economics of a white collar practice

• Collateral consequences—the intended and unintended impact of a conviction

• Four panels discussing recent developments in the Northeast, Southern, Midwest and Central, and Western regions


• Sentencing in white collar cases

• Recent developments and new trends in FCPA enforcement

• Securities enforcement in 2016 and beyond

• Emerging enforcement trends in health care

• Increasing enforcement of economic sanctions and export control

• National security—cybercrime and economic espionage

• Antitrust prosecution trends

• Environmental crimes in a world of global markets, climate change and terrorism

• Comprehensive tax enforcement—how the government is using its tools • Asset forfeiture and freeze orders • Recent developments in anti-money laundering

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