Forensic Radiology

Brogdon’s Forensic Radiology

2nd Edition

Michael J. THALI


Editeur : CRC Press

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Nombre de pages : 654

Date de Parution : 10 Janvier 2011


Forensic Radiology Reviewed by on . Excellent livre de référence : particulièrement complet. Un must !

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Excellent livre de référence : particulièrement complet. Un must !
Table des matières
Introduction to Forensic Radiology Definitions in Forensics and Radiology; B.G. Brogdon Forensic Radiology in Historical Perspective; B.G. Brogdon and J.E. Lichtenstein Scope of Forensic Radiology; B.G. Brogdon Coping with the Courts The Radiological Expert; B.G. Brogdon The Expert Witness as Viewed from the Bench; H.M. Pitluck The Radiologist in the Courtroom Witness Stand: Good, Bad, and Indifferent; L. Berlin Identification Identification of the Dead; L. Riddick Radiological Identification: Antropological Parameters; B.G. Brogdon Modern Cross-Sectional Imaging in Anthropology; F. Dedouit, N. Telmon, H. Rousseau, E. Crubézy, F. Joffre, and D. Rougé Radiographic Applications in Forensic Dental Identification; R.A. Weems Virtopsy: Dental Scan and Body CT Imaging as a Screening Tool for Identification; M.J. Thali, U. Preiss, and S.A. Bolliger Radiological Identification of Individual Remains; B.G. Brogdon Radiology in Mass Casualty Situations; M.D. Viner and J.E. Lichtenstein New Approaches to Radiology in Mass Casualty Situations; A.D. Levy and H.T. Harcke Gunshot Wounds Forensic Radiology of Gunshot Wounds; B.G. Brogdon and J.M. Messmer New Developments in Gunshot Analysis; S.A. Bolliger, B.P. Kneubuehl, and M.J. Thali Radiology of Abuse Child Abuse; B.G. Brogdon Abuse of Intimate Partners and of the Elderly: An Overview; B.G. Brogdon and J.D. McDowell Radiology in Nonviolent Crimes Smuggling/Border Control; B.G. Brogdon, H. Vogel, and P.R. Algra Forensic and Clinical Usage of X-rays in Body Packing; P.M. Flach, S.G. Ross, and M.J. Thali Larceny; B.G. Brogdon Radiology of Fakes and Forgery in Art; A.E. James Virtual Imaging Reporting and Finding Expert Opinion: Virtopsy and the Logic of Scientific Discovery of K.R. Popper; R. Dirnhofer Photogrammetry-Based Optical Surface Scanning; S. Näther, U. Buck, and M.J. Thali Cross-Sectional Imaging and Swiss Virtobot Documentation and Analysis: Work Flow and Procedure; M. J. Thali, S.G. Ross, S. A. Bolliger, T. Germerott, P.M. Flach, L. C. Ebert, T. Ruder, M. Bolliger, U. Preiss, S. Mathier, L. Filograna, G. Hatch, and G. Ampanozi Clinical and Forensic Radiology Are not the Same; P.M. Flach, S.G. Ross, A. Christe, and M.J. Thali Postmortem Biopsy; S.G. Ross, L.C. Ebert, L. Filograna, and M.J. Thali Postmortem Angiography; S. G. Ross, P.M. Flach and M. J. Thali Using Real 3D Data for Reconstruction; U. Buck, S. Näther, and M.J. Thali Applications of Rapid-Prototyping Methods in Forensic Medicine; L.C. Ebert, S.G. Ross, and M.J. Thali Facial Reconstruction: New Approaches; G. Mahoney and C. Rynn Virtopsy and Forensic Tissue Simulation and Synthetic Body Models; M.J. Thali, B.P. Kneubuehl, and S.A. Bolliger Facilities, Equipment, and Organization Organization and Management of Forensic Radiology; M.D. Viner and P.F. Laudicina Facility, Equipment, and Radiation Protection; M.D. Viner, C.W. Newell, and C.M. Jalkh Forensic Radiological Technology Imaging in the Medical Examiner’s Facility; T. Blyth, E. Faircloth, G. Conlogue, and M.D. Viner Imaging in the Field; G. Conlogue, M.D. Viner, and N. Adams Radiology of Special Objects, Antiquities, and Mummies; G. Conlogue Essentials of Diagnostic Imaging Production of the Radiographic Image; C.W. Newell, C.M. Jalkh, and M.D. Viner Radiographic Positioning; C.W. Newell, C.M. Jalkh, and E. Faircloth Index

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