Cours d’été sur le droit européen de la justice pénale

Cours d’été sur le droit européen de la justice pénale

du 20 au 24 Juin 2016



le droit européen de la justice pénale

This course will introduce legal practitioners to practical aspects of European criminal justice.

Key topics

  • Settled with the Lisbon Treaty – the institutional framework of European criminal justice since 1 December 2014
  • Consolidate, codify, complement – guidelines for European criminal law under the current Commission
  • The competence and jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union in criminal matters
  • Tools for mutual legal assistance in criminal matters
  • Instruments for mutual recognition in criminal matters in the EU: the European Arrest Warrant, the European Investigation Order, freezing and confiscation eraorders, detention measures, etc.
  • The role and tasks of Eurojust, the European Judicial Network, and the planned European Public Prosecutor’s Office
  • EU legislation regarding serious cross-border crime such as trafficking in human beings, terrorism and cybercrime
  • Police cooperation in the EU and the work of Europol
  • Procedural safeguards and defence rights: the new Directives on the rights to interpretation and translation, the right to information and access to a lawyer, and the question on legal aid
  • Victims’ rights in the EU: the new Directive establishing minimum standards and the European Protection Order
  • The new Data Protection Directive regarding criminal proceedings

Visit to the European Court of Justice
Participants in this summer course will also have the opportunity to attend a hearing at the CJEU in Luxembourg.

Who should attend?
Judges, public prosecutors, defence lawyers, police officers and civil servants seeking an introduction to European criminal justice.

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