CYBER 2016

CYBER 2016

du 9 au 13 Octobre 2016

Novetel Venezia Mestre Castellana


cyber 2016 venise
  • Cyber Resilience
    Cyber security assessment; Data analytics for Cyber resilience; Organizational security (government, commercial); Resilient smart cities; Resilient
    Internet of Things (RIOT); Cyber-cities and Cyber-environments; Critical infrastructure security; Back up and recovery for systems of systems;
    Disaster planning and management from Cyber perspective; Integrated and smarter sensors


  • Cyber Security
    Security management [overall information security management in the sense of 27000 series applied to cyber systems]; Compliance
    management [verify/check compliance with defined policies, provide corresponding management reports]; Security administration of cyber
    systems [technical security management of security services]; Security and privacy regulations and laws; Securely interconnected cyber systems
    [firewalls, cross-domain security solutions]; Self-securing and self-defending cyber systems; Trust management, trust-based information
    processing [using possibly untrustworthy data sources in a controlled way]; Security technologies for protecting cyber systems and devices;
    Identity and access management in cyber systems; Anti-counterfeiting; Secure production and supply chain; Cloud computing security; Big-data
    security; Advanced persistent threats; Network traffic analysis and trace-back; Cyberspace operations; Incident response, investigation, and
    evidence handling; Intrusion detection and prevention; Cyberspace protection and anti-malware; Cooperation and sharing for Cyber-defense


  • Cyber Infrastructure
    Cyber-Cities and Cyber-environments; Information technology infrastructure; Telecommunications and networks; Cyber-space and data centers;
    Cyber-enabled control systems; Cyber-enabled critical infrastructure systems; Cyber-physical systems and Internet of Things; Special application
    domains (smart grid, traffic management systems, autonomous driving, etc.); Embedded processors and controllers; Mobility in Cyber-space;
    Virtualization in Cyber-space
  • cyber 2016 veniseCyber Forensics
    Computer and networks forensics; Social networking forensics; Digital forensics tools and applications; Applications of information hiding;
    Identification, authentication, and collection of digital evidence; Anti-forensic techniques and methods; Watermarking and intellectual property
    theft; Privacy issues in network forensics; Tools, applications, case studies, best practices


  • Cyber Crime
    Cyber-crimes: Challenges in detection/prevention; Anomalies detection; Advanced Persistent Threats and Cyber-resilience; BotNets and
    MobiNets; Cyber crime-related investigations; Challenges and detection of Cyber-crimes; Network traffic analysis, traceback; Security
    information and event management (SIEM); Stealthiness improving techniques: information hiding, steganography/steganalysis, etc.
    Nature-inspired and Bio-inspired Cyber-defense
    Bio-inspired anomaly & intrusion detection; Autonomic and Adaptive Cyber-Defense; Adaptive and Evolvable Systems; Cooperative defense
    systems; Network artificial immune systems; Adaptation algorithms for cyber security; Biometrics related to cyber defense; Bio-inspired security
    and networking algorithms and technologies; Biomimetics related to cyber security; Bio-inspired cyber threat intelligence methods and systems;
    Bio-inspired algorithms for dependable networks; Correlations in moving-target techniques; Neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, and
    genetic algorithms for cyber security Prediction techniques for cyber defense; Information hiding solutions (steganography, watermarking) and


  • Social-inspired opportunistic mobile Cyber-systems
    Design of cyber-physical applications for opportunistic mobile systems based on behavioral models; Social metrics for networks and systems
    operations; Application of mixed physical and online social network sensing; Social-aware modeling, design and development of routing
    algorithms in cyber-physical; Incentive mechanisms, reputation systems and key management algorithms in cyber-physical opportunistic mobile
    systems; Participatory mobile sensing for mining integration in cyber-physical opportunistic mobile systems; Experiments with cyber-physical
    opportunistic mobile systems


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